Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Book treasure

A few years ago, my daughter gave me a book. "You'll love it!" she said. She was right.

Within days, I heard myself saying to friends, "Have you ever read this? You'll love it!" They did. But in the midst of all the recommending, I gave my copy to someone and it never came home again.

Yesterday, I was wandering through an antique store, ever on the alert for books that are begging to be altered. I was drawn to this beautiful well-worn cover.

I loved the look of it. I checked inside the cover for the price - $1! That's when I noticed the title. It was Stepping Heavenward, the book loved and lost years ago. The copy given to me then was a brand new paperback, so there wasn't anything special about it. But the copy I held yesterday was a wonderful antique, printed in 1901.

It's funny how things happen...two weeks ago, a friend at church asked me, "Have you ever read Stepping Heavenward?" She loved it and wanted to share.

I plan to read it again. The details of the story have grown fuzzy with the passing of years. And, I'm thinking there must be a reason for it to be brought to my mind and hands at this moment in time.

Have you read Stepping Heavenward? You should. You'll love it!

... and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Esther 4:14


Joel and Marcie Fenske said...

That is so weird. I, too, received that book from Kristy and loved it. I was wondering about it the other day and couldn't begin to remember the title. It was a wonderful book... I wonder if we should all read it again!

Anonymous said...

You convinced me! I'll start the "waiting list". :D C. Nottingham

Jessica said...

now i want to read this!!