Wednesday, October 7, 2015

To a "t"

There is one thing I especially like about working with paper. Almost anything can be interesting enough to turn into a card ... if the person I am sending it to loves me enough to understand ... ummm ... trial and error, waste not want not ... well, me! So I pick and choose to whom I send my off the wall projects that have a heavy investment of time, but aren't yet ready for prime time.

This project is no exception. In an antique store I found an old wood printer's block - the letter "t". It is art all by itself. I love it. Today I inked it up to see if it would give me a decent print. I experimented with a soft vintage book page and two gelatin printed papers.

I did find that using the block like a rubber stamp (face down) was not as effective as placing the paper face down on the block.

I also had a laser printed background paper sitting on the table. And, I had a block with ink. Seemed like a match waiting to happen. The print came out blotchy which was charming in itself.

 Some pens and coloring around the "t" and I liked it enough to use it as a card front for my "T" granddaughter. I hope she doesn't get sick of the "t" designs before I finish playing around with the prints.

Maybe I should find some friends named Tonya, or Tina, or Terri ... ?

Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children. Ephesians 5:1