Saturday, January 11, 2014

Creative energy

I didn't realize at the beginning of our kitchen re-do how much mental energy would be involved. But when you take a room - around which life revolves - and remove everything but the walls, it does take some thinking. And when said walls are over 100 years old, they rarely work smoothly into  the "well just do this" kind of planning.

So... 6 months into our DIY project, things are going well. We are down to the last projects (one more concrete counter, walls smoothed and painted) and the multitude of picky details that finish a room.

Yes, I have my wood counter with the live edge still intact. Yes, I have one concrete counter in place. I have running water, a range hood that whisks cooking odors outside, and a wood plank floor that I love. I could go on and on, but the greatest thing is that my dearly beloved and I are still friends after months of working together.

Pictures when we have our official opening.

In the meantime, we flew through autumn, sailed by Thanksgiving, and had a ball with the family at Christmas. January arrived bringing unbearable cold and nearly 2 feet of snow. And we lived to tell the tale. With 35 below wind chills, that was a feat.

 To soothe my creative spirit, I spread paint, ink, and anything that would adhere to pages and paper. I now have stacks of raw material ready to go.

Someday, if you promise not to laugh, I'll tell about my "green" desk calendar. Maybe.

O Lord, thou knowest...  Jeremiah 15:15