Saturday, September 19, 2015

Step-by-step takes a long time...

Early in the summer I learned the true meaning of POA. An aunt developed health issues and needed to leave her home and enter an assisted living facility. She has adjusted well and loves her new home. I am adjusting to keeping tabs on the details of two separate households.

So far, so good. Always lurking in the background is the dread that I will miss something that should have been paid/cancelled/renewed/sold/deposited... You get my drift.

Six months ago, when it was just me and my life, I found an old cabinet that perfectly fits the storage needs in my kitchen. I have made do with something I had for over a year, knowing that the perfect cabinet (at the perfect price) was just waiting to be discovered.

Ta-da! My perfectly imperfect cabinet. It's the right width and height ... just the wrong finish.

Specialty paints are everywhere now. You can get chalk paint, milk paint, mineral paint ... and on and on it goes. I read about all of them and decided to just paint.   

I love the look of paint that shows its age, so starting with just the base cabinet, I sanded away most of the shiny varnish, cleaned away the dust, and painted a base coat of black.


This is the finished rough sanding and the beginning of the first coat of paint. So far, I'm in love. The weather quit cooperating and days got busy, so the base is just black right now. Soon, soon the final layer and I can use this baby!

Oh, I just can't wait!

In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul.Psalm 94:19