Monday, June 23, 2008

Completed project

Aaah. I breathe a sigh of relief. I love the process of making each new prayer album - finding photos, picking the papers, reviewing the concepts, planning the pages - but the part I like best is the first day of using my completed album. My enthusiasm for prayer is renewed. It's just... well... great!

I have discovered when each album is completed that there is a page or two I really like. Something just clicks and, for me, that page is particularly beautiful or it expresses perfectly the concept I had in mind. It isn't that I plan so well, or that I'm so artsy that beautiful things happen. It just comes together. The combination of papers, colors, and extras adds up to special.

This book has several of those pages. I want to share the sense of just three...

The "Thy will be done in earth" page...

texture and simplicity
the "families" page...

the tree image and the colors
the page for one of my children.

the paper and the photo
With this project finished, I am off on my prayer journey again. My album and I are refreshed, renewed, and reporting for duty!

Pray without ceasing. I Thessalonians 5:17

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The Fenske Family said...

My favorite is the happy-looking page of one of your children. It's nice to be one of the privileged people to be in that book of yours. :)