Thursday, April 17, 2008

What a day!

Did you ever have a day where everything went ... right?!!! I am almost giddy wondering what to start next while I'm on a roll.

This morning I finished my purse project. I have been putting off the final stitching, just sure that my machine would balk at the multi-layers. Amazing... it zipped together just like it should and here is my finished product.

I have been working on a cupboard project for a few weeks. It is a new (for me) process that involves many layers of paint, complete drying between coats, multiple sandings... today was the day I finally got past the base coats to the lovely blue topcoat. After hours of drying time, I cautiously started sanding back... It works!! I'm loving it!

My altered books session with the 10 yr-olds has been postponed one week and scaled back to card making. This takes the get-it-done-now pressure off my sample book, so I'm looking for additional bird items that are unusual, or pictures that are beautiful just to please my eyes. I found my bird hose guide snuggled up against some newly opened daffodils. Perfect picture.

I could go on ... really ... I could... This day has been wondrous. But I'll stop and hope that tomorrow is your day.

Fear not, little flock: for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32


Pencil Pointers said...

What an extraordinary purse! You should consider selling purses like these... you could call them cHimPurses. You'd have to include a Bible verse somewhere on them. :)

Anonymous said...

or....insert a Bible into the purces and sell them as a set.

Sign me up! Very it a purse or a bag?