Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It seemed like a good idea

I baked the other day... tags. You see, I had this great tip from a bookmaker.

Wait! That sounds all wrong! It should read -  I had interesting looking instructions in a magazine from a woman who makes books. She ages tags by soaking them in coffee and then baking them for a short time.

It was the perfect project for me. I have an abundance of tags. I had just finished making granola, so the oven was already warm. There is always coffee in this house!

After soaking as many tags as possible in the cold coffee, I laid them on parchment lined cookie sheets.

Heeding the warning in the instructions, I watched those tags closer than I do most food! When I finally deemed them dry enough, out they came... hot, wavy, and monochromatically (if that is not a word, it should be) colorful.

This morning, when I picked up this ready stack of material, I was overwhelmed with the aroma of coffee. Not as pleasant as opening a fresh container. Just... old, baked, coffee. And so, at this moment the tags are enjoying an airing spread out all over my workroom floor.

If that doesn't cure the problem? Hmmm, I wonder if die-hard coffee junkies would appreciate coffee scented cards?

In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver me in thy righteousness.
Psalm 31:1


Anonymous said...

Maybe splatter some vanilla on them? Might be an interesting scent combination!
- Laura

cHim-prints said...

That is an interesting idea. I have given them some airing room, and they seem to be losing that bitter coffee smell. However, if this doesn't work... a spritz of vanilla is next!