Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On becoming a tour guide

When you live in a small town , it's hard to remember that there are things that make it unique... interesting.

Last week, I was asked, If we came for the weekend, what kid-friendly, "vacationy" things are there to do?

Well, I was stymied. The only shopping is Wal-Mart - and that can be done anywhere. There are the lakes, but if you don't own lakefront property, it's not so much fun. I just didn't have an answer! Hmmmm...

However, after hanging up the phone, ideas started to pile on.
  • we have a good old-fashioned drive-in theatre! (A great place to see Night at the Museum)
  • we know Abe Lincoln and he was going to speak at the Memorial Day parade
  • Grampa builds a killer bonfire!

Those sounded like good possibilities for a fun weekend, so we had company!

The only pictures I got were of the bonfire... and it was a doozie!

should I be afraid?

no one could sit any where near the fire!

it really was beautiful

In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. John 1:4


Jessica said...

pretty sure that if we built a fire like that out here we would burn the entire city down!! amazing! :)

Joel and Marcie Fenske said...

Love the picture of Ikey... and the cool picture of the fire and the sparks. We sure did have fun!