Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Being green - my way

I'm so excited. I am about to open an Etsy store. I discovered a unique product that I hold exclusive rights to - and it is perfect for this "green" obsessed world in which we live.

Want to know what it is?

I'm calling it the world's first environmentally friendly Organic Boat Anchor!

I stumbled on to this product when I made a loaf of rice bread for my granddaughter. Using the best organic rice flour, garbanzo and fava flour, xanthan gum and sunflower oil, I spared nothing to make this the best rice bread ever. What did I get?

A boat anchor!

This is my sales pitch (You have to imagine Billy Mays reading this. That's why there are so many exclamation points.)

Heading out for a day of fishing? Do yourself and the environment a favor! Buy an Organic Boat Anchor! Once you arrive at your secret fishing hole, throw in the compact Organic Boat Anchor and, rest assured, there will be no drifting for hours!

This Organic Boat Anchor has a built in timer. When it's time to go home, you'll know! The Organic Boat Anchor disintegrates, feeding the fish while it keeps the water safe from any petroleum based paints and unsightly pollutants!

Even if you can't catch fish, you'll be supplying them with the very finest in organic foods!

Order now! At this low introductory price of $2.75 (shipping $75 - Hey! it's heavy!) the Organic Boat Anchor won't last long! Supplies are limited.

Insider info: "supplies are limited" is right! There is one, 'cause I'm never baking this recipe again!

And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men. Mark 1:17


Jessica said...

ha ha ha!! that cracks me up! i really could picture billy mays selling that - the man can sell anything :)

Marcie said...

Funny, funny! Too bad that your granddaughter (that we all spend so much time and money baking for) is sneaking into everyone else's food anyway. All that effort for what? Glad that you got a funny blog post out of the whole situation... that's something!

Beth said...

LOL!! You are too funny! I never knew there was a hidden comedian inside you. Billie Mays would be proud to represent by the way.....What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Barb -- Is this new rising like Pheonix talent of being terribly subtly humorous going to be a continuing pleasure for all of us?

I laughed outloud when I saw the monstrous "anchor" that could feed fish organically.

If a "merry heart does good like a medicine" then I hope you will keep on feeding us a dose quite regularly.