Thursday, February 14, 2008

Undergoing conviction

These are my new slippers. I found them yesterday - 80% off at Macy's. Such a deal! And you are probably wondering what these have to do with conviction?

When I was paying for these, there were two women standing at the register, observing my lovely slippers. I remarked that "every year my husband buys me slippers for Christmas, and every year he buys the wrong size."

"Too small? Not too large!" was the immediate response from the clerk. When I told her that he always bought small, both women laughed and said, "Oh, he thinks of you as his little wife. Isn't that sweet?" And then they both looked at me like I was the luckiest little woman on earth.

OK - so up until yesterday, I didn't think of it as sweet. It was aggravating! Every January, I find myself standing in a line to return slippers that are the wrong size! Why doesn't he listen?

Since the scene around the register at Macy's, I have felt the prodding, poking finger of God, stirring up dust in the moldy corners of my heart....leaving dirty clumps of self satisfaction and judgmental thinking for me to deal with.

What shall I do? The evidence is there... as plain as the new blue slippers by my bed. Shall I clean the mess now? Or shall I just push it into another corner, under a rug, behind a chair?

What will I do? That is the question - the will. I make the choice. Obey? Disobey?

If I regard iniquity my heart, the Lord will not hear me. Psalm 66:18

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