Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Making observations

Observation 1
In the world of blah-blah-blogging, there is no shortage of people. They have headers and pictures and lists and links and backlinks and... HELP! I don't consider myself slow minded, but when I have to know where to insert the correct HTML code to make all these things appear, my eyes glaze over and my mind freezes! I tried following Blogger's instructions for inserting a link and ended up with my whole post in blue print! Argh.....

I found a new website that might help me though - - they have a tutorial section, "Learning HTML for Kids", good for children 10 and up. I definitely qualify for the "and up." I have made my way to Chapter 4.

Observation 2
In my journey through the Psalms thus far, I have seen things that I know the Lord wanted me to have for that day, that hour, of my life. It has been an incredible learning experience...of who God is, who I am in His sight, and what He expects of me in this world.

This week, I am parked in Psalm 67. After all the previous "wow" moments, this was a let down. On first reading I thought, that's nice, but so...? I started reading and rereading, sure that I was missing something.

Today, my persistence was rewarded. I finally saw that verse 2 is there as a "so that" for verse 1. It gave me a whole new vision of all the benefits God bestows upon me.

See for yourself! Read Psalm 67:1, 2. Then name a blessing and say verse 2.

No wonder there is a Selah there.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog Grandma! I love how you add a verse in every one. The picture is very interesting. Hope to see you soon, Emma.