Friday, February 20, 2009

The busy day

Have you ever dragged your worn out self to a chair at the end of a busy day, thankful that you could get so much done?

And, as you reviewed the day, did you then wonder, what on earth do I have to show for all this work?

Today is such a day for me... and I haven't even gotten to the chair part yet.

I baked bread.

I washed dishes (argh... the dishwasher died so I had to do a full load by hand!)

I crocheted.

I did more prep painting on the Journal for J.

And for all this effort, I can show... ummm... pickled, painty hands, a yet unfinished crocheted acorn lid, and a half eaten (not so terrific tasting) loaf of bread.

Well... there is always tomorrow.

Commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established. Proverbs 16:3


Anonymous said...

I really would love to see the acorn purse when finished if it's not a gift. I've never seen such a purse/bag! How creative! C. Nottingham

Marcie said...

The dishwasher died? How terrible! Your hands are going to get so dry washing dishes by hand. And... the bread looks delicious. The acorn lid looks great. Finally... that verse you mentioned, that's my new favorite verse. Great for days when a person feels down or discouraged...or even negative about someone or something. I love that God will establish our thoughts even if at first they're not the best... if we step up and do what's right!

Jessica said...

that bread looks scrumptious!!!