Monday, August 11, 2008

Picnics and purses

Yesterday was our Sunday School picnic. It's an annual event with lots of food, fresh air, and outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy. Yesterday, the activities were varied - ladder golf, croquet, and of course, the usual swinging, jumping, and climbing.

swinging from the rafters
What? You thought I meant swing sets? C'mon! This is farm country!

Over a plate full of food, I was introduced to a new family that has been attending our church - mom (Martha), dad and two young kids. In the course of conversation, a few of us got on the subject of purses - handmade, homemade and brand name - and my new friend told us that she recently attended a party where the hostess gave every guest a purse.

"All the others were squealing with delight at the name on the purse, but I don't know who it is," she said. Between bites of lasagna and taco salad, we tried to guess who the maker was, decided it must be Vera Bradley, and the conversation drifted to other things.

This morning, Martha arrived at church carrying her purse. The same group of picnic-purse-lovers gathered around her to admire her ... ta-da ... April Cornell purse!

Martha's April Cornell Poetry Bag Tonight, after the evening service, Martha walked up to me, held out her purse and said, "I want you to put this on your shoulder." I thought she wanted me to feel the weight of it (she knows I make purses), so I did as she asked. It felt light as a feather.

"I want you to have it," she said. "You know about it and will enjoy it far more than I do." I couldn't believe it. She barely knows me, yet she hands me this prize possession just because it will make me happy.

I am humbled by her generosity.

Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together and running over... Luke 6:38


Jen K. said...

This isn't by chance the same barn I played in as a kid is it?? That purse is too cute and Saraya my purse loving daughter would have appreciated that gift too:) In fact she bought her own cute purse in Savannah...I probably should post a pic. so you could see it.

cHim-prints said...

Oh how I wish it were the same barn, Jen. Unfortunately that barn went up in flames in the 80's.

Saraya - make sure I see a pic of this purse you bought. If you love shoes too, then you and I share a deep bond. :>)