Friday, August 15, 2008

Big city shopping

This week I enjoyed a change of scenery. As Rod was leaving to go on a business trip to the Chicago area, he asked me to go... dangling the promise of a Portillo's chopped salad and some big city shopping in my face. I couldn't say no.

Fortunately for our budget, I'm pretty frugal, so setting me in the midst of big city stores is more about treasure hunting than spending money. I came home with three treasures.

1. A craft book $17
2. A cookbook $5
3. The Good Book $2

shopping is hard work!
The craft book is all about making fabric art journals. It is filled with how-to for altering and embellishing fabric and turning it into books. I plan to have fun with this book.

The cookbook is for crockpot cooking. I already own one book written by this by this lady (Mable Hoffman) and I love it. This one is even more complete and has a spiral binding. (Very practical for a cookbook.) Now I can have a scrumptious, healthy dinner ready to go even though I have spent the day in my workroom creating fabric books!

The Good Book is my real treasure - on sooooo many levels. We discovered an estate sale in Tinley Park. We love estate sales! While searching through stuff in the basement, I came across a Bible, still in the box. There was a card in the box...
To my dear friend Charlie: Please accept this token of my appreciation for our many years of friendship. Kindly read this book every day for it will serve you through the rest of your life. Bob DeYoung 12/1/70

I am so thankful to have this Bible. I have never owned one this nice - French Morrocco leather, 23k gold edges, India paper, self pronouncing (you know, for all those strange names in the Old Testament?).

Charlie had a good friend in Bob DeYoung. Bob's example is now ever before me because Charlie's name is stamped in gold on the front of my Bible. I thought about trying to remove it, but I decided to leave it as a reminder to share my faith the way Bob did.

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Colossians 4:6

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The Fenske Family said...

What a great find this Bible is! The only down side... it was still in the box and not used! Charlie didn't know what he was missing!