Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vintage buzz

Last week, we took a day to wander through some antique stores. We didn't buy anything, but the looking was... well, interesting.

"Vintage" is the new buzz word. If an old anything can technically be labeled "vintage", then it's a hot item. According to one very chatty dealer, everyone wants to decorate with the things they remember from early childhood at mom's or grandma's house.

That means that all the things I was so happy to sell at a garage sale, pitch into the garbage, or use as fuel for a bonfire could be financing a very comfortable retirement right now. *sigh* Oh well.

There were two especially great things about our day of leisure. First, the opportunity to deliver guerrilla art ...

Woven paper strips on coffee stained time card

Image transfer on book page

...topped off with a dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I don't know who General Tso is, but his chicken is out of this world!

 Blessed be the name of the Lord from this time forth and for evermore. Psalm 113:2

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