Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Patience prolonged

After waiting the full 90 days, it wasn't too hard to delay the exploration of my paper bundles for another 5 days. Late Saturday night, I cut the wires and started digging through my treasure.

It was still damp (even after 5 days in the house) so I peeled the layers apart and laid them all over the workroom to dry. My first impression? *sigh* At least it wasn't labor intensive.

Yesterday, I started sorting the dry papers. Some went straight to the wastebasket. Others, though they don't look like much, hold some promise with a bit of manipulation. A few, just a few, were worth the wait.

Interesting color bleed from the book covers

A weathered edge that might add texture to a project?

This tattered piece was my favorite.

Rust patterns from the wires holding the bundles together.

The book covers that were the center support for the bundles showed the most change.

Yards of lovely rusty wire. I hope it's malleable.

I'm not overwhelmed with visions of beauty in the making... but there's always hope. For a person who hates to throw anything away... this is a monumental challenge.

I hear that winter is going to be very harsh this year. That's OK. I'll be hunched over the work table trying turn bits of paper into bits of beauty. Time will tell if it works.

Check with me in 90 days. *grin*

Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law. Psalm 119:18

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Anonymous said...

OK, you didn't blog about your mini-getaway together, but you blog about a science experiment with paper. You are a sick woman! Good thing we love ya!
A mini-getaway with your spouse and you pick paper.......tsk..tsk..