Thursday, June 2, 2011

A visit with Ike

There has been so much life packed into the last two weeks that... well, I'm amazed. One of the most delightful parts of that "life" was our youngest grandson's 3 day visit to Gramma's house.

I asked ahead of time about his favorite food. From his list of "mac 'n cheese, pizza, broccoli, strawberries, shrimp, and spaghetti" we managed to hit everything but the shrimp and spaghetti.

While I was cleaning up from one of those meals, he walked through the kitchen in lock step with Grampa. Armed with bow and arrows, they were on their way outside for some target practice.

He passed me (standing at the sink), gave me his philosophical look, and said, "The boys have to do what the boys have to do and the girls have to do what the girls have to do." And out the door he went.

During another conversation we were advised, "You git what you git and you don't throw a fit."

The trip back to his family included a stop at the mill to buy flour. He wasn't very impressed with the mill itself, but when I said (thinking pebbles) he could throw stones in the mill pond, he reached for a 20-pound rock so that he could see some real movement in that water.

It has been a long time since little boys lived here. Great fun reliving that time of life for a bit.

The glory of young men is their strength: and the beauty of old men is the gray head. Proverbs 20:29

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Beth said...

Great story...wonderful memories. Grandkids are the best aren't they?