Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recycled drop cloth

Yesterday, I realized that my work table had moved from creative chaos to deplorable mess. After tools, paints, brushes, etc. were hanging, stacked and standing where they belong, I could see that the 5' paper drop cloth had to be replaced!

I recently read about an artist who cut her drop cloth into smaller background pieces for use in her other artwork. With that in mind, I looked for anything that might be re-usable in my freshly exposed mess. That's when I discovered little moments of wonder all over that paper.

Autographs from granddaughters...

A love note to gramma...

Arty people and moments of brilliant color combos...

What started as paper to pitch, became a stack of color-filled future additives, and sweet little memory pieces that I'll treasure forever.

And, since it's unreasonable to expect a person to clean and organize the whole time, I also carved 3 new stamps. (What!?! I had to make a decision whether to "throw-or-keep" the inspiration piece..)

Finally, in order to prove to myself that this was not a waste of time, I used some of the recycled paper bits and two of the new stamps to make a note card.

Fun way to spend an evening.

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might... Ecclesiastes 9:10


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That was great. How nice to discover all those little gems throughout the cloth. Must have turned it into a nice day of exploration for you. ~ RB