Saturday, February 12, 2011

Name the artist!

While browsing thrift shop book shelves, I discovered a very old art book written for children. Its pages were filled with examples of drawings from many famous artists.

Even though the pictures were all black and white, I paid my quarter and brought the book home.

When I had time to examine the book page by page, I decided that only a few were worth keeping. Among those treasures was this wonderful sketch.

I read the title under the picture... and then I read it again. I still find it hard to believe the name of the artist.

Can you guess?

God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect. II Samuel 22:33


Anonymous said...

My first impression was an early Picasso. Other than that I would only be guessing, so I will take a chance on Picasso.

What's first prize? Mom

cHim-prints said...

Ok... this was supposed to be hard. And the first person to answer is right!

Yes, Mom, it's a Picasso. It is so beautiful, isn't it?

The prize? My undying gratitude. :>)

Beth said...

My guess is Pacasso as well. Mom and I decided on that together when we looked at the picture.

Is there another prize for ties??? :-)

cHim-prints said...

You get the "Smart Sister of the Year" Award!

Anonymous said...

Uh... I'm going to guess Rembrandt. No - er... Monet? Argh! Ummm... Picasso? Yeah, that's it! Picasso! :o) Do I get a third prize? RB

cHim-prints said...

Well RB, let's see.

Undying gratitude - gone.

Smart Sister of the Year - gone.

Here we go! I found one.

"Guess-er Superior" - It's all yours with my congrats!