Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Little things

I'm having some trouble getting the writing side of my brain back into gear. The hustle to finish, wrap and tuck Christmas presents under the tree has taken its toll on my creativity.

So, I will do what I always do when the words won't flow... put down exactly what is floating around in my head without any editing-as-I-go.

I have spent the last two days bringing the house back to normal after celebrating Christmas with our family on Sunday. The decorations are put away; the leftover Christmas chili is in the freezer; all the furniture is back in its usual place. The last scraps of tape have been unstuck from the carpet and I'm doing my best to eat up the holiday goodies while they are still fresh.

This morning, I found a tiny remnant of all the happiness on the old zinc counter in the kitchen. (The light was better by the table, so I moved it to take pictures.)

Where did this come from? How did it survive four+ sets of hands cleaning the kitchen? Look at how small it is!

This minute reminder of fellowship, laughter and hugs from the people I love warmed my whole day. God is good to me.

He will bless them that fear the Lord, both small and great. Psalm 115:13

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Marcie said...

I love it. Wonder where it came from... I suppose that's what the Wise Men thought at first. Hmmmmm...