Friday, March 20, 2009

Pray in Color - coming up!

I am so happy to be prepping for a prayer workshop this weekend.

Tonight, the paper is cut, sorted and stuffed into folders.

The journals are piled high, the workbooks are ready to go, supplies are purchased.

And, as with any project, there is the ever present list that silently nags... "don't forget the (fill-in-the-blank)!"

I can't wait for Saturday. It's what I love to do.

...Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it. Colossians 4:17

1 comment:

Marcie said...

First of all... I love your new Spring heading! So cute. Makes me cheery. Secondly, we just prayed for you... that God will make you feel great to lead the study tomorrow.