Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy mail

I can't believe that I have missed a week! I have been sick.

How sick, you ask? So sick that I did nothing in my workroom; so sick that I didn't check my email every day; so sick that tomorrow I go to the doctor. For me? That's pretty bad.

Yesterday, while dragging between chair and couch (don't I sound pathetic?), the mail arrived. My husband brought it into the house and laid a big yellow envelope beside me.

I opened the package to find this delightful book with a note from my sister tucked inside.

I still felt crummy, but out of the blue, I had tangible proof that my sister thought about me... and went through the effort of sending that burst of sunshine. Thank you, Jo Anne.

There is great power in an envelope in some one's mailbox.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Proverbs 25:11


Anonymous said...

Well that explains why the blog hasn't been updated. I kept clicking on it...nothing! So sorry to hear your not well. We've had too much of that here too! Hope the docs. can help. On a happy note, I got a yellow envelope today too, also with a book, Mary Engelbrett's Summer. Yes, it does make your day to know...someone out there is thinking of just "you"! Feel better and enjoy your new book. C. Nottingham

Marcie said...

What a convicting blog post! I am now thinking of who I should be mailing a surprise package to. It does seem so special to receive a package. Also, I am still praying for you, that all goes well at the Dr. tomorrow.

Beth said...

wow....I suddenly thought of all the people that I have been thinking about writing to ....but haven't. I think you seriously struck a nerve with that one......ouch!