Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving day

2008 11 27 010
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Voices always sound so strange on these videos... really, these are not our voices!
This wish is from all of the family around our table to all of you!


Jen K. said...

Saraya is amazed at how many cousins she really does have. At first she thought there were at least 60, but only counted 13:) Thanks for posting your Thanksgiving wish, it was great to see everyon!!

The Fenske Family said...

Okay... an explanation must be given. I said "more cheese" at the beginning because I thought you were taking a picture, NOT videoing! Can you tell I then posed for a picture with my big, cheesy smile? What a nerd!

Jessica said...

how fun you all got to be together!! what a beautiful family :)

Nancy said...

I just saw your Thanksgiving video and it made me cry! What a beautiful family! I loved seeing Rod, Laurie, Joel, Marcy, Heather, and Aaron again. Plus it was so sweet to see their children. Love to you all!