Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dinner dilemma

If you go to church with me, you are sworn to "tight-lipped-ness." This story must never be repeated in casual conversation.

For some reason, I'm the person in charge of all the behind the scene details for Vacation Bible School this year... things like the meals for the visiting team that is doing all the real work of VBS.

I pondered carefully who would be willing to provide a complete meal for 5 adults and 2 small children. I practiced my speech over and over in my mind. Three women. That's all I needed, three women.

The first lady volunteered right away. "I'll bring the meal on Tuesday. How many people?" Whew. Day 1 covered.

Some fine tuning of the speech and I called #2. "Oh sure," she said " I can do Thursday. How many people?" Five minutes later, she called back. "This is my menu... meatloaf, scalloped corn, roasted potatoes, homemade crescent rolls, and pecan pie." Wow. It sounded fabulous.

By this time the speech almost sounded natural, so I dialed #3. "Which day? Wednesday? Oh... yeah, I can do that." Yesssss! I had the meals covered. One more detail to cross off my list.

Tuesday's cook arrived with cheeks rosy from the oven heat. She loaded the table with potatoes, corn on the cob, MEATLOAF, and a fruit dessert. I spent Tuesday afternoon wondering, should I call the Thursday cook and give her a heads-up? but decided to let it go.

Wednesday's cook arrived with the same rosy cheeks, her arms loaded with hot biscuits, cheesy rice, a veggie, dessert, and MEATLOAF. Ok, now I have to warn the Thursday cook.

I dialed the number, dreading the conversation. But she's a cheery person and my message only stopped her for about 2.5 seconds. Then she said, "Oh, my meatloaf is different."

So tomorrow, Thursday, this team of hardworking, give-from-the-toes, never-breathe-a-word-of-complaint missionaries, will have their third meal of MEATLOAF with assorted sides.

There is a bright spot here. I may be fired.

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. I Timothy 6:6-8


Marcie said...

I'll think of this story every time I serve, or am served, meatloaf. So funny!

Emma said...

I had so much chicken (and potatoes) at camp, it was almost like that! Emma

Jen K. said...

Boy and I thought I had it tough as VBS director this year:) I'm sure the VBS workers were forever grateful. I also hate to be the bearer of bad will probably be asked back next year!

Barb said...