Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coffee and signs

Most of my projects end up leaving our house, never to be seen again. It's a great system... I can create to my heart's content and we don't have to buy a bigger house to hold it all! But then I decided that my dear husband deserved a piece of "art" to call his very own.  

It started with Lesson 3 of my class with Julie Prichard. (Have I mentioned how much I love this class? Or how much I'm learning?) She demonstrated how to achieve the look of an old weathered sign... to make them look something like these... old, weathered, full of character.

One very important issue in life on this acre is that the coffee we make must be good coffee! Coffee that shakes you awake with the first sip. Coffee that makes your eyes pop, your heart pound, and your ears ring! In fact it is so important that Rod has taken over the coffee making duties, determined that a bad brew will never happen here.

So... here it is. A shingle to hang in his coffee station declaring him... king of the "brutal brew"!

I think he likes it. It's still hanging by the coffee pot.

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might... Ecclesiastes 9:10

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Jessica said...

cute! great gift :)