Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nona reports for duty

Fourteen years ago, when my middle daughter had her first baby, I volunteered to stay at her house for a few days while she regained her strength after delivery. I cooked, answered the phone, vacuumed and did laundry. (In her recurring nightmare from that experience... I show up, bleach bottle in hand, and every item in her colorful home turns white!) At that time, someone dubbed me "Nona" and it stuck. Since then, I have shown up to do "Nona" duty in my family's homes for everything from new babies to sundry surgeries.

Last week was "Nona" time once again. Another daughter had a minor knee surgery, so I packed my bags and spent a few days cooking, answering the phone, doing laundry... with the added delight of enjoying grandkids.

In the midst of moments that were pure delight, I managed to have my camera ready to preserve a couple for posterity... and for you!

The first night a ghost appeared after bath time. Fortunately, before we were too terrorized, he revealed his identity.

The second day, while the ghost took his nap, we had a girls' trip to Daisy's Dip 'n Sip. Yummmmmm.

When I packed my bags to go home, there was a little band of well-wishers waiting at the bend in the road to wave goodbye. Even Mr. Incredible was there.

I'm tired... but it's a good tired.

Ye that fear the Lord, trust in the Lord: He is their help and shield. Psalm 115:11

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Marcie said...

Nona is WAY underpaid! She always does such an outstanding job!