Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pantone, Peotone, and the world of color

No doubt you've seen the Pantone brand. The company has been around for many years and describes themselves as the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. If you ever had any question about any color ... go here.
Pantone came to my mind last week as we traveled through northeastern Illinois. Most of our driving was through small and medium towns filled with homes typical of the Midwest... nothing out of the ordinary. Pantone experts obviously don't exert their influence in small town farm communities.  

But then we drove into Peotone, IL (pop. 4, 142). I instantly thought of Pantone, and looked around for color!

Alas, there was none to be found ... until we turned the corner and got closer to downtown. Suddenly brilliant colors broke loose!

I think I captured the most brilliant bursts of color in this small town. Each bright building made me wonder who took the first bold step? Who is the brave soul that chose that particular green to cover such a very large building? Did alarmed neighbors call the mayor to object? Is this just the beginning of a trend as little Peotone, in the shadow of Chicago, strives for attention? 

And then for the most pressing question ... how do the residents pronounce Peotone?

Blessed are they that dwell in Thy house: they will be still praising Thee. Selah. Psalm 84:4

Oh, and by the way... Happy 8th birthday to cHim Prints! Yay! Still here.

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Nancy said...

Happy Birthday to cHim Prints...Congratulations...If you're like me, every once in a while you just wan to stop but something just keeps us going and I am always glad I didi.....

That is one colorful town....I wonder if the paint company provided the paint free of charge for the advertising...?