Thursday, October 10, 2013

The heart of the home...?

I cannot believe how much time has zipped by since I've been here. We started a kitchen project just after my last post and it has pretty much turned my life upside down.

The kitchen contents - yes, all of the contents - have migrated to nearly every room in the downstairs. When I want to cook, serve, or do anything relating to food... it is a matter of searching - trying to remember where I might have put whatever it is I need.

I know this will be a wonderful "remember when?" project as I stand in my new kitchen (trying to remember the new homes for every little utensil/spice/gadget). Can't wait for that day.

In the meantime, there is always time for some guerrilla art!

O Lord, thou knowest... Jeremiah 15:15

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I am glad to know you've been working on a project and that you are OK..I have missed you....Before long you will be in that new kitchen singing a song of joy.....

These tags are so cute. I am glad you are still taking time to create your wonderful art.