Thursday, July 14, 2011

Haircut week> haircut day> guerrilla!!

This is haircut week... "haircut day" being one of my favorite days of the month. It is one day that I can count on being a sneaky depositor of guerrilla art. I mean... when I'm at home the audience is pretty limited, and frankly, no one is surprised! So, haircut day is pretty special.

This week I planned to have my purse loaded with "goodies", but you can't make paint and glue dry faster by glaring at it. (I tried... it does no good.) By Wednesday, there were two dry, finished pieces of "art" in my purse ready to find new homes.


I never dreamed that the combination of a vintage Bingo card and Psalm 62 would work so well. This was my first stab at using the Bingo cards for guerrilla art. It was fun.

And then, my supply of library cards continues to satisfy. I am careful in my use of these cards.... I only have about 1800 left.

Somewhere out there, two verses are accomplishing the mission God has intended. Or, maybe they are still awaiting discovery. In the meantime, I need to put final touches on the now dry, half finished projects on my worktable. My purse is feeling pretty empty right now.

Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it. Psalm 119140