Monday, May 24, 2010

Long ago and far away...

LONG AGO - In the years when small children inhabited the rooms of this house, I spent numberless hours in basements, living rooms, and waiting rooms of various piano teachers. I heard scales, sotto voce counting turn into foot tapping turn into habit, beginnings, endings and middles of songs over and over again.

Once... just once... when my youngest daughter was playing her part of a piano duet during her lesson, I heard the teacher (a concert pianist named Dzidra) join her on the piano, playing the other part of the duet for approximately 5 measures. It was 5 measures of Heaven! She was sooo good. Then, as abruptly as it started, it stopped. There I was, soaring through the heights of delight, only to be plopped back into the reality of the waiting room. I wanted to yell "Encore! Encore!" But it was over. Though I waited... and longed for it... it never happened again.

FAR AWAY - A new family came through the doors of our church. There were brothers and sisters enough for every Sunday school class. They were a wonderful family - loving God and each other, happy with life. We loved getting to know them.

But... for one reason or another, they moved away from us to a church closer to their home. Years passed. We saw them occasionally, amazed at how many new faces were added to the family, and always in awe of what nice people they all were.

HERE BESIDE ME - A new new family came to our church. There are brothers and sisters enough for almost every Sunday school class. They are a wonderful family - loving God and each other, happy with life. We love knowing them.

HERE AT LAST - Friday night all the parts came together. Family 1 has a daughter who teaches piano. Among her many students are four of the kids from Family 2.

We were invited to the end of the year recital in a beautiful old church.

The kids did a great job. The hours of practice were apparent. We heard everything from Jesus Loves Me to the Flight of the Bumble Bee!

And my treat? The teacher finished the program with a wonderful duet with her oldest brother. Sometimes... deep longings are finally satisfied.

My soul waiteth for the Lord more than they that watch for the morning: I say, more than they that watch for the morning. Psalm 130:6

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The Kunkel Bunch said...

You make me cry! If you only knew what an encouragement you have always been to me! What a blessing you are! Love and miss you bunches!